Moon Shotz Galactic Gummies


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Purchase the best micro dosing psychedelic edibles gummies order from Sinaloachem and get swift delivery.

Moon Shotz Galactic Gummies For Sale

These cosmic edibles also assist with increased focus, sharpened senses, reduced stress and depression, and promoted neural cell growth. Buy moonshotz edibles online, moonshotz galactic gummies where to buy order from the most secure online store.

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Dosing: For Moonshotz Gummies, the dosing should be 1 gram x 5 multipliers (to standard fruit bodies). A bag packed with 10 gummies contains iso for approximately 4-5 gr of typically dried mushroom. With Each gummy being approximately .5 grams of dried mushroom equivalent, consuming all 10 gummies amounts to a 5-gram Hero does, aka a full Moonshotz.

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